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Patient instructions

Do not overload the whitening trays with gel, as overflow may cause some gum irritation.

You may see darker colour residues in the trays where you have old silver fillings. You may also see some gel bubbles within the trays as you are wearing them. This is part of the teeth whitening process.

After each application, remove the mixing tip from the syringe and replace it with the plastic cap. This stops air getting to the gel and deactivating it.

Do not eat, drink or smoke while wearing the teeth whitening trays, as doing so may distort them. You can, however, talk, work or relax as normal.You need to wear the trays for two hours or more each day. When you remove the trays, rinse out any remaining gel.

Between applications

Keep the teeth whitening gel in a cool, dry place.

Avoid citrus foods and juices, as this may contribute to sensitivity. If there is any sensitivity, use a desensitising toothpaste in the trays for a day or two. We recommend you brush with desensitising toothpaste during the teeth whitening treatment. If you still have sensitivity then also reduce the amount of gel you are putting into the trays. If sensitivity still occurs please contact us.

During and shortly after the teeth whitening process, minimise use of tobacco, coffee, fizzy drinks, red sauces, soy sauce and red wine.
Teeth whitening treatment days should not be interrupted. However, if you miss or skip a day, the treatment days should be extended to compensate.

The neck of the tooth (area next to the gum) may take slightly longer to lighten. It will appear slightly darker than the other parts of the tooth, which is how it naturally looks. The shade of your teeth will continue to lighten for up to two weeks after the application is completed.

Whitening is a popular treatment. It brightens your smile and and can give you a more youthful appearance. A little care is need though - the chemicals are powerful and are not suitable for everyone. Only a registed dentist can now provide tooth whitening treatment in Ireland. At One Manor Place, we use the home whitening system. After an initial dental examination to assess your suitability, we make customised mouth trays for you to use at home.

Tooth whitening