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Mouthguards are essential to protect the teeth in contact sports. The GAA made the wearing of mouthguards mandatory from 2013. What does a dentist-made mouthguard offer?

Contact Sports Better Protection

- double laminated for superior strength and shock absorbtion. Ill-fitting over the counter models can lead to greater dental damage.


- made to fit the individual exactly, for a comfortable and natural feeling in the mouth.


- Over-the counter mouthguards are thick and clumsy in the mouth and prohibit speech. A well fitting Essix guard allows for clear communication on the field or court.


- Over the counter guards restrict oxygen intake by up to 25%. That means reduced performance.

Made by professionals

- made in a high quality orthodontic laboratory, fitted by a dentist. Suitable for use with fixed orthodontics. 

Benefits of custom-made sports guards