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Is your "Free Dental Examination" really free?

If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Many dental clinics offer a "free" dental check-up to get patients through the door. But - be wary of hidden charges. You are likely to be charged for x-rays, which need to be taken for most patients at the first visit.

In reality, a lot of patients in Ireland are entitled to receive a free dental exam.

Your initial examination is the most important visit you will make to our clinic. At the first visit we do the following:

- a full medical history
- x-rays
- a tooth chart of your mouth
- note and chart any decay present
- oral cancer screening
- gum health assessment
- provide a treatment plan cost estimate
- GP follow up if needed (with your permission of course)

If you don't qualify for a free exam, why do we ask you to pay? A thorough examination such as this needs time, and care. We don't believe it can be done properly if nobody is paying for it (either the state or the patient).

All dental examinations at One Manor Place include two x-rays, gum health assessment and oral cancer screening. They don't include any hidden charges.