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Advice if you have had a tooth out

Take things easy for the rest of the day

·Try not to smoke for the rest of the day, and ideally for up to ten days after having your tooth out. Nicotine gum or inhalers may help. If you smoke, you may get a painful infection in the extraction socket.

·Avoid rinsing today, as this may cause the socket to bleed. From tomorrow, rinse with warm salty water several times a day for a few days. This is better than a mouthwash.

·Tonight please clean your teeth as normal, avoiding the socket.

·Wait until feeling returns before eating or drinking. Take soft food for today only, and avoid chewing over the extraction site.

·Take mild painkillers if necessary, or any medication we have prescribed for you, but do not exceed the recommended dose.

·If bleeding starts, use the packs provided to bite down and place pressure on the extraction site.

·If there is swelling, place a cold pack over your lips or cheek (a pack of frozen peas inside a cloth is best).

·Small pieces of bone may come to the surface of the socket over the next week or so. These are not pieces of tooth. They usually fall out by themselves and are nothing to worry about.

·Please call us on 6777335 if you are having problems.

We try to restore and save teeth wherever possible. But sometimes extractions are unavoidable. The tooth may have become extremely loose due to long term, untreated gum disease. More room may be needed in the mouth for other teeth, e.g. when orthodontic treatment is being done or if there is no room for a wisdom tooth to grow. Sometimes a tooth is so badly decayed it's just not saveable.

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