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Dental hygienist service

Click here for our hygienist clinic times. We've changed the way they work in order to manage Covid-19 risk. Appointments are longer (or have nursing support) to allow for new procedures and even more thorough cross infection control.

Qualifying patients can still get an annual discounted (15/30) scale and polish through PRSI. For new patients this will done by the hygienist. For most returning patients it will be done by the dentist, the same time as your annual free PRSI exam. The dentist may refer you to a hygienist if you could benefit more from their care.

If you are a new patient, or you haven't had a recent dental examination you need to have a dental exam before visiting the hygienist. This is a Dental Council requirement. You can schedule both on the same day if that suits.

Very pleased with the care I received from One Manor Place Dental Surgery. Both hygienist and dentist are very efficient and pleasant. Highly recommend this practice and will continue to attend in future.

Therese's review on What Clinic website
Regular dental exams and visits to the dental hygienist can help people to achieve the goal of healthy teeth for life.

Bleeding gums while brushing are a sign of gum disease. This is very common, affecting around 4 out of every 5 adults. Untreated gum disease can eventually lead to tooth loss. Our hygienists Eithne and Lina will give your teeth a thorough clean and show you how to maintain good oral hygiene at home.
We advise a dental exam once a year, and we require this for patients who have outstanding dental treatment. However, if you are up to date with treatment and attend for regular cleaning you can go for up to two years between examinations and just book in directly with the hygienist.