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We have taken a lot of extra measures to ensure patient and staff safety. We have invested in new safety equipment and PPE, and some of our ways of working have changed:

New COVID 19 Measures for Safe Dentistry

Book by phone

: We would prefer appointments to be booked by phone rather than by email or in person. This is because we need to carry out triage for each patient.


: We cannot take walk-ins at the moment. All new courses of treatment start with an initial assessment/basic treatment and then we may have to get you back if more complex treatment is required. Our appointments are taking longer than before so we are booked further ahead.

Social distancing

: We are spacing appointments to allow full disinfection and surgery preparation between patients. Front door will be closed so please do not arrive early. Call us when you arrive so we can let you in. Patients should attend alone, unless they need to have a carer, parent or guardian with them.

Cross Infection Control

: We will ask you to use hand sanitiser on arrival. Please wear a face covering to your appointment. We use barrier film on all high- touch surfaces in surgery and wipe-clean clinical keyboards. Your temperature will also be taken with a no-touch thermometer.

Clean air: We have installed Novaerus air disinfection units in both surgeries, cleaning the air 24/7. We are also keeping windows open, even in cold weather, to ensure good ventilation, increasingly seen as an effective way to minimise risk of Covid transmission.

Minimising Risk

: The Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) advises that As in all healthcare delivery, there are risks of infection associated with delivery of dental services in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dentistry involves close face-to-face contact and social distancing between clinical staff and the patient is not possible. We take all appropriate precautions suggested by our regulatory bodies but the risk, though small, cannot be entirely eliminated.